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Working with inspiring brands on vital causes, we help our clients change the world.


Amnesty International UK asked us to create an appeal that simply and clearly articulated their specific USPs on the refugee issue.

Bring Them Home

A terrified veteran, trapped by PTSD on a WWII battlefield, was central to a recent Bring Them Home appeal by Combat Stress.

In This Together

It’s hard to protect yourself from the coronavirus outbreak when you’re homeless. And the public have been desperate to help. So we helped Crisis launch an emergency campaign.

A Crisis appeal – by Crisis members

We help our members’ voices come out loud and clear in many appeals – so we were delighted when Crisis asked us to work on a project that took this principle a step further.

Crisis at Christmas 2019 – creating the TV ad

Last year, Crisis at Christmas raised £21million. Central to the campaign is a powerful TV ad that brings homelessness to life. Here’s the story of the 2019 TV ad, which is on screens now.

Crisis at Christmas Digital Campaign

Digital work is playing an increasingly vital role in the campaign and bringing in more income for Crisis at Christmas every year.

Crisis at Christmas 2018

Crisis at Christmas has been helping homeless people for over 50 years. And for the last 14, Catalyst has helped transform Crisis at Christmas into an award-winning and sector-leading fundraising campaign.

Diabetes UK integrated appeal

With the diabetes crisis worsening at breathtaking speed, we opted for an emergency style appeal that shone a glaring light on the gravity of the situation. We then asked people to help us tackle the crisis head on.


Focusing on the orangutans in the Indonesian rainforest which is being torn to pieces for profit from massive palm oil plantations – producing oil that’s in the products we use every day.

Tearfund Legacy

In 2018, Tearfund celebrated its Jubilee year. Looking back over the last 50 years and giving thanks for the countless lives restored. It also looked to the future with a legacy mailing pack that exceeded all expectations.

"Catalyst are great fun to work with and full of fresh ideas. The team are really supportive; they are super responsive and quick to turn around requests. The end product of campaigns have looked really fantastic and most of them have performed well."

Grace Akintokun, Diabetes UK

"Catalyst are an absolute joy to work with. A lovely group of people who always deliver. They listen to you and will do everything they can to help. Great ideas, great thinking and great fun. They never let you down, it probably explains why we have worked with them for over 20 years."

Joanna, Amnesty

"I've been working with Catalyst on our legacy programme here at Greenpeace for over 4 years now. Catalyst have fed their experience and wisdom into our strategy, and developed effective media plans and innovative creative ideas. They offer also excellent and really useful supporter research which has helped us make our legacy marketing very donor focused. They have been a continual pleasure to work with and can be relied on to come up with exciting creative ideas."

John Hutchin, Greenpeace

"We have worked with Catalyst for several years and can thank them for helping us in some of our most successful campaigns ever. As well as supplying creative and production for our direct marketing materials, they have worked with us in refining our mailing selections and segmentation, so we are much more efficient and making considerable savings! They are always available and will do all they can to help us meet our objectives, from strategic advice and analysis to DRTV adverts and DM, they are a core component of the Tearfund team"

Jon Ackroyd, Tearfund

"Catalyst are a true partner to work with and have become very much part of Crisis, transforming our propositions to grow income. They have enabled Crisis to grow the Christmas multi-media campaign and year-round direct marketing programme significantly to become sector leading whilst getting embedded with the brand and how we talk about ending homelessness."

Richard Moody, Head of Supporter Appeals at Crisis

"We have worked with Catalyst for many years, they have always offered strong and supportive advice however difficult the problem or complex the situation. They provide great data planning, market insight and thinking plus brilliant creative all delivered with good grace and good humour. They are a pleasure to work with and an essential part of our team."

Sue Eddington, Combat Stress

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