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Strategy & Planning

To enhance, expand, and improve your campaigns

Everybody has a plan, but is it a great plan? Doing the plan isn’t the end of the job, it’s the start. Plans often take the form of reams of long frames, and while this may be useful for building up an overall organisational plan, they can be a little dull and are often filed never to see the light of day again.
Planning should be inspiring and exciting, market aware, innovative, challenging and motivating, and easy to understand so that people know where they are going.
Strategy needs to be built on the nature of the organisation, the sector has become too homogeneous in its thinking and in the things that it does.
The organisation needs to own its strategy. The best ideas are often usually within an organisation – they need to be brought out and built on. We can bring a breadth and depth of experience, fresh viewpoints and ideas that will enhance your plans, expand your horizons and improve your returns.


The General Election and what it means for the Charity Sector

12 05 2015 - 0 comments

In the wake of last weeks’ general election, we’ve been doing some reading around what this will mean for the charity sector. See below for our round-up of all the best commentary and blog posts on how the new political landscape will affect charitie ...