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Market research & Data analysis

Don't sit in the dark - gain some insight

Catalyst’s market research and data analysis services, Chatalyst and Datalyst, provide intelligent and reliable data to inform your supporter marketing and fundraising activities – delivering impressive results.

Chatalyst is Catalyst’s online research panel, providing you with cost-effective, real time market insights, enabling you to:

- Test bold creative ideas
- Gain fast, accurate feedback on creative executions
- Develop new productsIdentify new audiences and winning propositions
- Minimise your risk

Chatalyst is an incisive, cost-effective, flexible and quick way to get accurate results that inform the big-picture strategies while going right down to the executional detail.  Not only can you quantify market opinion, but you can also gain a degree of qualitative response to concepts and creative by using open free text responses.  You can run just one ad hoc question, very cheaply, or a whole series of questions including visuals.
Don’t assume you know the mindset of the consumer, they have a tendency to surprise – and those surprises can be very expensive.
We are also very good at data analysis: Datalyst evaluates data using analytical and logical reasoning to examine each component of the data provided.  Never again will you get that dawning realisation at the end of a data presentation that you have no clear steer on how any of this changes your marketing. We pride ourselves on making sense of data and provide findings that are clear, actionable, and that don’t cost the earth.
With over fifty years of experience between us, working alongside charities and major corporations to model, predict, understand and analyse data, we are never short of practical and meaningful solutions.  Our job is to increase understanding so that you can make more money for your cause.


The General Election and what it means for the Charity Sector

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