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Following Jesus where the need is greatest


We were delighted to begin working with Tearfund in early 2011. Our first collaboration was a direct marketing campaign to support vulnerable communities with the approach of South Sudan’s independence. 


Following the success of this first appeal we have been privileged to work with them on a variety of campaigns. We admire and respect their passion and commitment in enabling people trapped in extreme poverty to transform their own lives. 


Tearfund’s core proposition makes perfect sense: rather than being given handouts, people simply need the support to see that they already have the ability and the resources to lift themselves out of poverty. 


Our recent Harvest appeal for Cambodia expressed this thinking well. The concept revolved around the Poverty Cards that the poorest families are given, rated 1 to 3 depending on their level of poverty. The idea is, with the donor’s help, families can form small groups to pool their resources and savings – taking them much closer to escaping poverty. 


We were delighted at the results of this campaign, which exceeded targets. What is most fulfilling is knowing we have partnered with a highly respected and inspirational organisation to make a real difference in the lives of their beneficiaries.


“Right from the outset we felt immediately at home with Catalyst - that they "got us" and were for us. We weren't wrong. Not only have Catalyst consistently over achieved on targets on all our Direct Mail campaigns (more often than not coming in under budget), they have also helped us with research, data analysis, product development and strategic planning. Their years of experience in the industry have been invaluable in helping us deliver strong results in tough times - I couldn't recommend them highly enough.”

Rachel Norris, Tearfund