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Amnesty International

Amnesty International

Amnesty Make a Will Fortnight 

We have been working with Amnesty International for more than a decade. In this time we have worked with them to create and evolve their flagship annual legacy fundraising campaign Make A Will Fortnight. 

We love this work, as it’s a rare example of a fundraising proposition that offers a genuine feel-good benefit to all parties. The solicitors we recruit bring in new clients and get to proudly display their support for Amnesty, the supporters benefit from making their will for free and most importantly, Amnesty’s human rights work reaches further around the world. In fact, legacy income funds 10% of the work Amnesty do. 

The objective of the campaign is to motivate more solicitors to take part every year, extending the reach of the scheme, as well as encouraging supporters and the general public to make an appointment with their local solicitor and leave a gift to Amnesty in their will.

We do this with an integrated campaign, using various media channels in close combination. We’ve tested and refined this over many years to maximise results. This can include trade press inserts, warm direct mail, reminder mailings, cold direct mail, press inserts, outdoor, radio and online display ads.

Each year the impact of the creative proposition is reviewed and new creative routes frequently tested through our online research panel to ensure they remain effective and relevant. The creative is powerful, clear and concise, reflecting Amnesty’s tone of voice and working hard to tackle legacy fundraising with the clarity and sensitivity that it requires. 

The copy recognises that many people put off making their will, resulting in around half of the UK population dying without any will at all. The creative articulates why having a will is so important, and why, thanks to Amnesty, there was no excuse not to have one.

The campaign continues to grow every year, having seen 116% increase in the number of solicitors taking part since 2010. This has helped Amnesty to roll the scheme out across both Scotland and England and ensure that there is a solicitor within a 30 minute drive time for every potential participant. 

In 2013 more than 200 appointments were made with participating solicitors, with an estimated legacy value to Amnesty of more than £1.5 million.

Amnesty International are bold when it comes to legacy fundraising. They have continued to invest and grow their programme, recognising that in order to emerge from the recession in a strong position, legacy giving must be maximised and sustained. Make a Will Fortnight is an essential part of this strategy and we’re proud to be part of it.